Pet Stains & Urine Odor Removal

Did Fido “mark” his spot in the living room? Is it time to collect your rent deposit back but you need to have the pet urine removed and the odor removed as well? We offer pet stain and odor removal in London. A normal carpet cleaning service will not do the trick. Pet urine saturates the padding below the carpet and must me treated with a special pet urine enzymatic odor remover and then extracted using hot water extraction. Give us a call today and we can take care of all of your pet stains in London.

Did you know if your pet stains are not treated properly that your pet will continue to use your carpet as their own personal “potty spot”? That is because cats and dogs use their noses to find their spot. If the pet stain and odor is not completely removed and treated, your pet will continue to smell their “spot” and will continue to urinate on it.

Urine stain removal is a tricky process but it can be done. It is important that you choose a urine stain remover in London that completely saturates the carpet padding with enzymes and allows it to sit in the padding for atleast 30 minutes. Then the solution must be extracted completely and rinsed with water. This is the only way to completely remove pet stains and odors from your carpets. Feel free to give us a call today for more information about pet stain removal in London.