Cleaning Check-lists for Tenants

Sometimes cleaning becomes a daily routine because of the need to live in a clean, spacious and neat place. But what if you live in a rental property, does it mean that you don’t need to clean it much or even at all because you know someday you won’t live there any more? Of course, no! As a matter of fact, cleaning is required even more in this case – leaving a rental property in the same condition as it was first when moving in is not only a courtesy but a prompt of returning the security deposit back. Don’t leave neglected areas in your tenement, follow your own check-list for organizing the tasks that need to be done is a huge help.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

You can take a look at the end of tenancy cleaning services here as an example of such a check-list that you can take.

      Make general cleaning of the entire property and its rooms. This includes washing the windows, wiping down the doors and the walls, sweeping and mopping the floor and vacuuming the carpeted areas. Also it can come to removing the nails from the walls but always discuss this with your landlord in case he prefers to patch them himself.
      Pay close attention to the kitchen and the bathroom. In the kitchen place somewhere else the removable appliances and clean under and outside them. Wipe down all the surfaces – countertops, refrigerator, oven, etc.
      Make the bathroom spotless and shining as natural and never used. You can try some tips given from end of tenancy cleaning professionals on how to prepare your own cleaning solutions with household products.
      Don’t miss the other areas such as fireplace and storage room if there are any. Give a good sweeping of the balcony in case of stains and dirts.

Now, you have this small but very important cleaning check-list that allows you to decide which rooms or parts from your tenement need attention for cleaning and which don’t.