When to invest in the real estate in the Sunny Beach

Buying an apartment in Sunny Beach, one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Bulgaria is a very suitable investment that guarantees fast ROI. Due to the good organization, the tourist market is very well developed. This provides a continuous tourist flow throughout the season, which lasts about 5 months. And the attractions and entertainment of Sunny Beach open the possibility for its extension. If you choose an apartment in some of the closed residences, for a symbolic annual fee. In this way you ensure a significant and secure passive income.

Developed real estate market
The market is very well developed. It is operated by professionals who have experience in selling real estate such as brokers, financial advisers and lawyers. You can get many acceptable offers, options to suit your needs and purchase goals. Buying an apartment in one of the most desirable tourist destinations in Bulgaria is a excellent investment that is worth. There is even an option to pay monthlywhen buying a property in Sunny Beach.

Nice weather and beautiful nature

Sunny Beach is one of the largest Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria. The resort offers perfect climatic conditions. The weather in the summer is warm and sunny and the in the winter is mild. The air is clean and the sea water is crystal clear, the sand is fine. There is about 10 km long beach.

Despite the fact that the resort itself is very densely built up, there is no lack of greenery and even during the hot Bulgarian summer everything remains green and thriving, you do not feel pressured by large monolithic buildings and often do not even notice them.

Close to Burgas

Located between the northern and southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera, only 27 km from Bourgas International Airport, Sunny Beach has good connection with the ancient town of Nessebar and other resorts such as Ravda and Sveti Vlas.