In real estate development, Bulgaria has more to offer than just a second home destination

Analyzing the different trends of real estate development, Bulgaria shows increasing tendency as a preferred destination for a second home – both for individuals of local and foreign origins. The country stays just outside the world Top 10 in October in terms of declared interest to buy a property in the state which will not be occupied as a primary residence type. Ranked 11th Bulgaria outruns its neighbor Greece which has been extremely popular for that type of investment not so long ago.

The process of real estate development Bulgaria is going stably through and is mentioned here differs from the investment sales kind. Second home concept largely excludes the option to let the property and receive a rental yield out of it. The house or the apartment has to be put strictly under control of the owner even if not habitable all the time. Two types of investors have been recognized speaking of such dwellings. The first is represented by Bulgarians who live abroad on a permanent basis but like to have a place to be in the country too. Or they might live in Sofia and own a house on the beach or in the mountain. The other type is stereotyped for foreigners – most likely of Russian or British origins, buying house intended to be occupied for a couple of weeks or a month at best within a year.

Whatever is your case, dealing a second home is not just spending money you don’t know what else to do with. In terms real estate developments Bulgaria now opens the door for many options and the Forton team of experts is ready to tell and show what are your chances and choices going in different directions. Buying a vacation dwelling is great, sure, but is it so boring to put some more thought when you splash the cash?