How to make really good knitting stitches

Knitting has been a favorite pastime for women through the ages. It was a means of livelihood for the poor in eras past. This has changed in recent times. Mental health benefits associated with the art have seen even the filthy rich knit-away.

Men taking on knitting would have been frowned upon in the past. This is not the case nowadays. The mental health benefits of knitting as a pass time is attracting men in their hordes. Poverty stricken souls of latter days probably had more than a pecuniary incentive for working the yarn. Recent research suggests that knitting may be a better stress reliever than the movies!

Like every other art, finesse is an important aspect of knitting. Despite the mental gains promised by knitting, ugly stitches will push you out of the practice before you can say, “Purl stitch!”

So how do you make knitting stitches easyknitting? Simple. Just ask the experts.

A more complex question would be, “Where do I find the experts?” The internet is the perfect place to source this information. The internet is however pretty large so, “Where on the internet?”

The perfect stitch is not just about technique. The type of yarn and needle you are using plays a very big role. For detailed advice on ‘everything knitting’, visit Easy Knitting at Knowing your knitting gauge is also very important. This is because your knitting gauge will inform the choice of equipment.

What is knitting gauge? This is also known as knitting tension depending on where you are reading this from. It is a one-inch sample of your knitting to find out your ‘stitches/inch rate’.
How to make really good knitting stitches
The functionality of your knitting is also very important. You need to know for whom the finished piece is intended for. Different yarns satisfy different markets. For example, a rough textured yarn is a poor choice for any item of baby clothing. For more advice on the different types of yarns, check out

Follow this advice and your pastime may just earn you a decent paycheck!