How does the Lactomat milk analyzer operate?

As far as milk analyzers go, the Lactomat Bisonic milk analyzer from is top of the range and really easy to use! The Lactomat Bisonic is capable of analyzing a variety of different kinds of milk, including cow, sheep, UHT, goat, buffalo, horse, and cow/buffalo, as well as both pasteurized and skimmed milk. The speed of the test is lightning quick with a standard 60 second test time with the option to upgrade to 30 seconds for an additional 90$. The 7inch touch screen is easy to operate and doesn’t require a PC, and the Lactomat Bisonic is equipped with an in-built ultrasonic stirrer to remove the air bubbles from fresh samples. The analysis covers fat, protein, solids not fat (SNF), lactose, solids, density, freezing points, added water, pH, and temperature. If you wish to connect the analyzer to a PC or external printer, RS 232 and USB connectivity are available, however, the device has self-calibration systems that do not require a PC.

Those milk analyzers are capable of doing the following oprations::

  • precise control when accepting the raw material
  • optimal quality separation,
  • fast screening for milk standardization deviations
  • optimal use of the raw material
  • to ensure consistently high quality products,
  • for controlling milk parameters, cream parameters whey parameters fats, proteins, lactose, total dry matter, lean dry matter, freezing point, total acid, density, free fatty acids, citric acid fats, proteins, total dry matter , dry fats, proteins, total dry matter Specialized analytical solutions.

Profitechs milk analyzer come with modern design

They have a compact design, but is stable and with a strong structure. The interface is intuitive for the user, which makes it even easier to use the product. The 7-inch touch screen is easy to operate and does not require a computer, and the Lactomat Bisonic is equipped with a built-in ultrasonic stirrer to remove air bubbles from fresh samples.

The milk analyzer will take into account if there is a mixture of different kinds of milk and its supply as a more valuable type. The results show whether there is a supply of whey, water, degreasing or other fluids, which are often done in order to increase the volume of milk. Thanks to the availability, speed and reduction of the cost of measurements, the addition of substances such as baking soda, flour or farina, with which unscrupulous manufacturers aim to cover the presence of water is also prevented.