Where to book the most beautiful Balkan tours from?

Are you ready for adventure in one of the oldest parts in Europe? If you are interested in the Balkans and you haven’t visited the Balkans yet, there is a great opportunity for you. You can visit the oldest temples and to make a big trip around the most mysterious and historical places in Europe. Where to book the most beautiful Balkan tours from? At Sofia tours with guides you can find many options. The 14 day trip, for example, which you can book, includes the 5 seas around the Balkan Peninsula and 6 countries. The tour starts from Varna, the sea capital of Bulgaria, at the Black sea. If you haven’t been in Bulgaria, you should know, there are wonderful places to see and feel the amazing atmosphere. The incredible nature and the culture in one of the oldest countries can be found easy and will leave you wanting to come back again.

The next step is to go to Istanbul and Marmara sea, which is the smallest sea in the region, located between Europe and Asia. Visiting Istanbul, you would like to stay much longer, so the plan includes three days in the old city, full of amazing temples, architecture and spirit. The next seas you are going to visit by choosing one of the longest Balkan Tours from Bulgaria-balkan-guides.com are The Aegean sea, while visiting Kavala and Thessaloniki and then the Ionian sea until you reach the Adriatic sea, where Kotor and Dubrovnik are the last part of the great adventure.

At Bulgaria-balkan-guides.com you may choose one of the Balkan tours which amazes you the most, depending on your preferences. For those of you, who would like to meet the remains of communism, for example, there is the perfect place for that, located in 6 countries, who were marked deeply by that period. The incredible monuments are still there, reminding of the time 30 years ago, so far and so close at the same time.

Another option is to take the trip to the old temples and mysteries in Bulgaria for 11 days. The Thracian sanctuaries, for example, in the incredible nature of Bulgaria will leave you out of breath and if you combine the experience with the music of Bulgaria, then probably you wouldn’t go back home soon. Have a look at the possibilities you have to open your eyes for the Balkans in the most incredible trip with audio-guide.bg and choose where to start from.