Bio aronia by Farm Shayen at super price – buy online

In a case that you have started research of organic products that have a tonic effect on the body and will give you a bit of freshness at the beginning of the day, you have come to the right place.

Bio aronia by Farm Shayen at super price - buy online

That is why in the following sentences we will talk about all the benefits of consuming Aronia berry. This is largely attributable to its very strong antioxidant properties. In fact, aronia berries have the highest antioxidant capacity among berries and other fruits.

Unfortunately, the taste of the berry is not very pleasant in a raw condition. But this is just one inconvenient that can be easily overcome. There is a very big producer of aronia in Bulgaria. This is Farm Shayen. All the production of the farm is gradually being established in the market with its high quality and taste. This is why it has no problems with the placement of its produce. They manufacture a nice aronia juice with very new technology without any heat treatment of the fruits. An important feature is to be prepared from cold-pressed fruits and without sugar, preservatives and other additives.

Such high-quality juice at an affordable price can be ordered online from the Farm Shayen – There is a vacuum pack of 2 litres of juice at a price of 15 BGN and can be consumed for up to 5 months if stored in a refrigerator.

See more at page. You can order other bioproducts as well. As we mentioned, they cultivate different vegetables and fruits. You can order online through the website or with just one call on 0894663102. Take care of your state of health in an easy way with daily consumption of Aronia berries.